National Support Schools

Woodlands Academy headteacher chosen for key school support rolenational support school colour

The headteacher and staff at Woodlands Academy have been selected for a top role supporting schools in challenging circumstances.

Chris Armond will now be invited to the National College for Teaching and Leadership’s learning and conference centre in Nottingham for a formal induction and training for the role in driving school improvement.

NLEs use their success and professionalism as school leaders, along with the staff in their school - designated a National Support School - to provide additional leadership capability in struggling schools or those in transition to federation or academy status. The deployment is tailor-made to suit the needs of each school. They also have responsibility for bringing on the next generation of NLEs and National Support Schools.

Many in the National Leaders of Education/ National Support Schools scheme see improvements in exam results at both the support and client schools with progress achieved in excess of the improvements nationally.

There are now well over 800 NLEs across the country and the number is set to rise to about 1,000 by 2015.

With Chris Armond being appointed to the new role of National Leader of Education, Woodlands Academy will now become a National Support School.