Woodland Craft Activities Project

Thanks to #GreenerwithGreggs our woodland craft acitivites project could begin!DSC 0758

Work commenced in June to make and install the four pole lathes in our woodland area. These pole lathes enabled our students to demonstrate their craft skills in a sustainable work environment.

The funding enabled all key stages to experience the use of the lathes and shave horses. This is something that they cannot gain hands on experience until much later in life. These craft skills help to develop a whole range of skills including, hand to eye coordination, health & safety awareness and the absolute control of the creative design process.

Our Year 9 students have used the lathes to create their own craft items. These items will go towards their qualifications in creative craft studies. 

DSC01124Woodlands Academy students and staff are now eagerly looking forward to taking delivery of our new blacksmiths forge for its inclusion in our exciting range of woodland craft projects.

The forge area is planned to enable our students to turn scrap metal into interesting craft items. The blacksmiths forge will use the charcoal that will be made in our woodland area by a bespoke charcoal burner, which is currently being made to our own design, just like our curriculum it is a bespoke design and build.

This new addition will enable the students to experience a full and comprehensive range of black smithing and charcoal making, all as part of their bespoke curriculum and qualifications.

Daniel, a year 10 student who has recently experienced his first success on the new pole lathes told observers this week. "It's a proper way to learn. It’s fun and exciting and rewarding. We need more of this to help us improve our own performance and learning." 

We finally took delivery of our blacksmith forge in December (see photo below). We will be firing the forge up in the New Year and cannot wait!


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