Woodland area update - Dec 2017

Well, the woodland has come on leaps and bounds since our last update, with all the zones starting to take shape!IMG 2574

We have exciting developments in the forge area with the new blacksmith forge being installed within the trench, which is being shored up with our own homemade hurdles and feather stick fencing, and roofed with the geo-ciprocal dome, constructed by the students last term.  This will all eventually be insulated, daub style, with an amazingly thermodynamic hemp-crete mortar, to improve efficiency.  Once our handmade bellows arrive we will be ready to start smelting and recycling metals!!

What does our forge need? Charcoal! And set to be delivered is our very own retort charcoal kiln, which will be sited safely on Charcoal Island, enabling us to produce unlimited amounts of sustainable charcoal from our wonderful woodland resource (and save us a ton of cash in the process!)

IMG 2576To complete our self-sufficiency woodland theme, a Green Eco Energy Zone is planned, which will give us almost complete off-grid capabilities with a 500watt wind turbine, 300w inverter, and two (kindly donated) 15w solar panels, demonstrating the technologies needed to live sustainably in the future (all we need now is a tree-bog, eh Sir?).

With the rest of the funding and with whatever income is generated by enterprise initiatives, we plan to have an open day, in the spring, to celebrate all the hard work, effort and support of all involved.  This will include demonstrations and activities hosted by students and professionals, hopefully with a bit of music and home-grown food thrown in!  Yum!

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