Forge and Kiln proving a huge success!

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Forge4So, this term has seen quite a lot of restructuring and revaluation of the previously made plans of mice and men!

Having sited the retort charcoal kiln (modified by our good selves) on charcoal island, and completing some successful burns, it was decided that a relocation, along with the forge, to just outside the DT area, would make it more accessible to students as it takes several hours of care to achieve retort.

The forge itself has been a great success and the fan is now being powered by our 2000w solar inverter – bit excessive I know but hey, we do like to show off in LBS!

Having identified individual students’ skills and particular interests within each year group (quite a few potential farriers among our lot!), working parties have been organised to efficiently run and maintain the new working area.

Lots of different projects are on the go this year, from helping the school by recycling what would have been an expensive removal job, into a tyre herb wall to make the top wood safe and accessible, and engineering a self-watering system for the poly tunnel, how do you like them onions!

Well done the land based lads!

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